Chin Up & Chatter – 1 October 2019

What an amazing turnout : we couldn’t fit everybody in the picture

We were delighted to host our latest Chin Up & Chatter at Upper Crust Too within Ableworld Llandudno, North Wales today. It isn’t always easy to reserve a table in a cafe, so when I spoke to Sonia from Ableworld, she assured me they would work closely with Debi from Upper Crust Too to accommodate our members.

Upper crust too

Debi was kept busy today as our members kept arriving, though not everybody was able to join us. Such a fantastic idea to have a cafe on site within Ableworld.

The food was delicious. From sausage butties to full breakfasts, toasted teacakes to buttered scones but you should see the scones with cream and jam (I missed out on that one) and the cakes are just amazing. Nothing was too much trouble for Debi and her team, I would like to say a huge thank you to the Upper Crust Too team and “WE WILL BE BACK“.

You can find more information about Upper Crust Too here : Facebook

Ableworld Llandudno
Ableworld Llandudno : the local Mobility Superstore with Superstar Staff : thank you Sonia and Paul for looking after us.

Sonia from Ableworld bent over backwards to accommodate and demonstrate some products to our members, we had a welcome pack on arrival at each seat and she was only too happy to bring some more through when more members arrived.

We had some items on display and some smaller items we were able to pass around to each other. To say I was really impressed by the support offered by Sonia and the branch manager Paul is an understatement.

Foolishly, I have never been into a mobility shop, I assumed they would be all about the mobility scooter and other large items. I was wrong, they have a whole host of smaller items available for those that need a little support. I bought a couple of chill pads for my pillow and a support pillow with a chill pad enclosed within and have found these to be invaluable, especially at bedtime. I can now lie down to watch tv without feeling I need a neck brace in the morning.

You can find more information about Ableworld Llandudno here : Facebook and website.

What our LFSN Members thought about it…

Without exception, our members had a thoroughly enjoyable meeting, we may have overstayed our welcome because we were still there beyond our usual 2hr.

We had no complaints about the food or service and everybody was impressed at the welcome we received.

Sonia and Paul from Ableworld escorted some of our members to look at items within the shop that may help and they encouraged our members to sign up for VAT relief on some products.

We discussed hosting events at Ableworld and Upper Crust Too “out of hours”. We are hosting our first “out of hours” session on Wednesday, 6 November 2019 at 5-8pm where we have a Rheumatologist Physiotherapist coming to talk to us about managing our pain. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Upper Crust Too will remain open for our November event. Debi will look to put on a few hot dishes (chicken stew, chilli con carne, a vege option, etc) plus the usual cakes, etc.