Building a better future for our community

The focus of our meetings is largely to bring together like minded individuals, who find themselves isolated as a result of Fibromyalgia or similar debilitating conditions. Our meetings are held in a non-judgemental environment to support each other over a cuppa, biscuits and cake… we have to have cake!  Our gatherings generally take place in Llandudno, North Wales but we have been known to venture further afield. Each week we hold a raffle to raise funds towards the cost of room hire, refreshments, etc.

Our group has evolved over the last year, taking into consideration the needs of our members. When we launched Llandudno Fibromyalgia Support Network, our focus was aimed at inviting experts, speakers, therapists, etc to share their advice and services with our members. However, it wasn’t long before we identified that what was needed more than anything was social support, we needed to get out and about and have fun. So, Chin Up & Chatter was introduced. We are slowly working our way around the cafes through Llandudno and other areas within Conwy with easy access via public transport. Often, if a venue is unfamiliar to us, a small group of us will visit to establish if it will work for our group, taking into account disability access, space for prams, etc. We also ask our members to recommend places they would like to visit.

We have surprised many of the local pubs, cafes and restaurants when they hear us chatting, laughing and sharing tips on how we all deal with our day-to-day challenges that Fibromyalgia brings. Together, we are breaking down the stigma that surrounds Fibromyalgia.

New Venue : Conwy mind, 3 trinity square, Llandudno, North wales LL30 2py

Chin Up & Chatter “Drop-In” has been launched : we have now been able to secure a regular meeting slot within the premises of Conwy Mind, every Thursday from 11.15am for approximately 2-2 1/2hr. This will enable the wider community to reach out to us for support, plus, we can work more closely with other Peer Groups within the community. Plus, we have the added bonus of having all that Conwy Mind have to offer right on our doorstep.

On top of this weekly Chin Up & Chatter “Drop-In”, we will still aim to invite speakers, therapists, experts, etc to demonstrate how they can help us to live with our conditions. We will also continue to offer trips out further afield, trip to the cinema, theatre, coach trips, etc.

Monthly birthday bash

We host a monthly Birthday Bash to celebrate any birthdays that month, there is no set date, venue or time for this but we do try to plan ahead.

All Llandudno Fibromyalgia Support Network followers, members and non-members, are invited to celebrate their birthdays with us. We do not apply any pressure, not everybody is ready to “put themselves out there” but there is always next year.

Birthdays are not about presents and cards, it is about being together and having fun. It will get far too costly to be buying presents for everybody.

Who is the group for?

The Fibromyalgia Support Group is available to everybody who suffers with Fibromyalgia or similar debilitating conditions (Arthritis, Lupus, Depression, Anxiety, etc) and their families, support worker and carers. We ask for a small contribution to each event attended (except the Birthday Bash) but there is no charge for families, support workers and carers but if they wish to add a small donation for refreshments, we will never refuse.

We offer a warm welcome to all, we won’t discriminate against age, sex, religion, etc : why would we? Does Fibromyalgia or Chronic Conditions discriminate? Not at all!!!


It is our aim to source funding but we still need to raise funds for ourselves.

Each year, in April, we renew our membership. We charge £10 for the year which equates to £1 per month with 2mth free, from July, the cost of membership will reduce by £1 each month, to ensure all memberships expire at the end of March.

When we meet for Chin Up & Chatter (cafe hopping), Chin Up & Chatter “drop-In” (weekly meetings) or events with a guest speaker, etc : we charge a nominal fee of £1 members / £2 non-members (some activities may incur a larger fee to cover costs).

Any activities hosted by a 3rd party, ie crafts, therapy, meals out, etc will be based on a “pay for what you do” basis. Where possible, we will aim to keep costs to a minimum.

The reason we charge for our activities : we are a “not for profit” community group and we need to over the costs of room hire, refreshments, stationery, advertising, insurance, etc.

Find out more about the benefits of membership here.